What is blogging?

Blog Walkthrough

This site, using an FAQ-style walkthrough, lets you determine what type of blogging activity would be right for your classroom.

How to use blogging in the classroom

Communication with parents
Communication with peers/other educators
Student blogs/journal writing
Forums for student discussion
Forums for professional development
Homework communication
Show student work

Why blog?

• Gives students a voice beyond just for the teacher (and even the school)
• Emphasizes the process of feedback to writing
• Generates discussion and various perspectives
• Creates an artifact showing growth over time
• Serves as authentic (real-world) work
• Provides opportunity to discuss netiquette and responsible journalism
• Excites students about writing

Blogging Pedagogy

Avoiding the 5 most common mistakes in using blogs with students
3 types of blogging educators
RSS in a blogging classroom
Key concepts for teaching with blogs

Setting up a Blog


Blogs and student safety

Issues to address before students blog
Ideas on keeping blogging students safe
Fair use and copyright
Sample classroom rules for blogging
Sample student contract
Sample parent consent form
The law (Children Online Privacy Protection Act - 1998)

Other extensive blog resources

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