What is Podcasting?

Why should I use it in the classroom?

• Students can download online podcasts to learn content (like ChinesePod)
• Learning content is portable; can be done anywhere (at home, on the bus, during study hall)
• It can provide self-paced material for enrichment or remediation
• Student podcasts develop oral fluency, rhetoric, and spoken literacy
• Student podcasts differentiate for student work, giving them another medium to express their learning

What are some possible student products?

• TV/Radio news shows
• Persuasive speeches
• How-to presentations
• Student interviews, such as "Meet My Parents" or "Remembering the 50s"
• Recorded classroom debates
• Siskel/Ebert-style book reviews
• Dramatic scenes
• Recorded musical concerts/practice

Some example podcasts

Room 208 "Flood of '06" (3rd-4th graders)
Cranbrook Composer's Podcast (Middle School Music Composition)
"Roaring 20s and the Great Gastby" (10th Grade English)

Other teacher podcasting resources

Education Podcast Network (many more student podcasts)
Podcast Alley (educational podcasts for downloading)
Odeo (more educational podcasts for downloading)
Who's Using Podcasting in Education - (a listing of podcasts from classrooms)
Learn Out Loud - (a directory of podcasts you can learn from)
KidCast (a blog about podcasting in the classroom)
Learning in Hand - (podcasting site, hosted by Tony Vincent with tips on using and ideas for classrooms)
Flexible Learning (podcasting resources for teachers)