Web 2.0 Tools and 21st Century Schools

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Keynote Presentation

21st Century Schools and Web 2.0 Tools View more presentations from Evan Abbey.

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Getting Started

1. Set up a wikispaces account (click here for a tutorial)
2. Set up an edublogs account (click here for a tutorial)
OR a blogger account (click here for a tutorial) Blogger.com has no ads on its page.
3. Go through this self-paced tutorial on what a wiki is and how it can be used in the classroom

Further Your Understanding



Google Docs



Social Bookmarking

Look at Examples

During our afternoon breakout session, we'll take our first look at some ideas on how to use a classroom blog or wiki:
Examples for wikis
Examples for blogs

Plan Your Website

Audubon CSD's goal is for each teacher to establish a web presence by the end of the 09-10 school year. What makes sense to you, using a wiki or a blog? What ideas do you have that you'd like to include on the page?

Share your ideas on our wiki on the ideas page. We will talk about our ideas as a staff at our May inservice.

Start your own website. Be sure to post the link to your website on the Staff Website page of our wiki.

Continue the Conversation

As you go, add planning questions to our wiki on the Questions page. They can be logistical (how do I do this...?), pedagogical (how can we assess a student blog?), management (what type of parent permission would I need to do this project?), or future vision concerns (will we have enough computers available?).

As a staff, we'll discuss our questions at our May inservice.

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