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Looking at Wikis - 5/7/09 Professional Development

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Getting Started

You do not need a wikispaces account for today. However, if you are involved in group projects down the road, it would be good to have one. You can find a tutorial here (click here for a tutorial).

Differentiate Your Learning

1. "I need to read something in Q&A format to understand what wikis are and how I'd use them"
Go through this self-paced tutorial on what a wiki is and how it can be used in the classroom

2. "I need to have some hands-on practice interacting with a wiki"
Go to the practice wiki page and try completing the tasks listed there by editing a page.

3. "I'm comfortable using wikis, but I need to see how this would be used in an actual educational setting"
Click here for some sample scenarios.

4. "I am looking for more advanced resources and ideas on wikis"
Check out our additional resources on the Wikis page.

5. "I've worked with wikis before, but I really need a collection of resources that can refresh my memory quickly"
The Wikis page starts with a Common Craft video explanation, and follows it with some categories for you to explore.