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Our outcomes are to a) gain an understanding of how iPhoto works and how it can be used to create slideshows or other products, b) to create a sample slideshow by importing pictures, and c) to reflect on how iPhoto can be used in our classroom.

1. iPhoto as a tool uses Digital Storytelling, a lesson where students use digital tools to tell narratives. Click here for background on digital storytelling.
2. Watch the video "iLife in Education - a Guided Tour" to get an overview of the iLife suite. iPhoto is an integral part of all the programs in the video, as photos from iPhoto can be integrated into GarageBand podcasts, iMovies, iWeb webpages, and in iDVD.
3. Look at Overview of iPhoto graphic organizer to get a sense of what iPhoto can do.
4. Practice adding images from digital camera and the internet to the iPhoto library (for practice images, go here).
5. Use the editing tools to a) rotate, b) crop, c) eliminate red eye, and d) add effects
6. Rename the photos
7. Create an album from images
8. Create 3 keywords and use those keywords to label the appropriate images
9. Rate each of the photos
10. Create a smart album combining a keyword and a rating
11. Look at how photos from iPhoto can be used in a) a podcast, b) an imovie, and c) in iweb
12. From your photos, create a slideshow, adjusting the settings for the show
13. From your photos, create an information book, using the caption space to describe the images.
14. Examine project ideas for iPhoto, and experiment with its features

iLife in Education - a Guided Tour

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(part 2)

Overview of iPhoto


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