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Today's Lesson

Our outcomes are to a) discuss the importance of a teacher having a web presence, b) begin creation of a website in iWeb, and c) to reflect on what content you would include for your classroom website.

1. Individually, take a moment to reflect on what you would like to include in a teacher website. Take a look here for some example teacher websites.
2. In small groups, share what you liked from what you saw, or what other thoughts you would like to include in a website. Also, take a look at 10 Tips for an A+ Classroom Website
3. Examine the pros/cons of different website development tools, including iWeb, blogs, wikis, and Adobe Dreamweaver
4. Watch the Overview to iWeb
5. Look in iWeb at a) setting up a site and choosing a template, b) adding different types of pages, c) navigating the different pages, d) adding/deleting/resizing/moving text and pictures
6. Individually, create a website with a home page and at least two other pages. You can choose more text pages (such as "classroom policies", "about the teacher", "class syllabus", or a lesson), or a photo page... anything that meets your needs from #1 above. Choose the template that you will work with.
7. Using a digital camera, take a picture of yourself. Then import the picture onto your computer (you can use iPhoto or simply drag it to the desktop). Place the picture on your home page (or another one of your pages that is more appropriate). Resize and move as appropriate.
8. On your home page, write an introductory paragraph welcoming visitors and introducing the page. Perhaps this is the place where you tell about the course, or perhaps this is an overview of where to find things on the website.
9. Look in iWeb at e) the inspector, f) the page properties, g) the text properties, h) the graphic properties, and i) the link properties
10. Look in iWeb at how to publish to the appropriate location
11. Individually, continue work on your webpage. Use the page properties to rename pages (and remove them from the navigation bar if appropriate).
12. Add a link on your home page back to your district's home page.
13. Practice publishing your site.
14. In the time remaining, either a) look further at the tutorials for iWeb, b) add more content & pages to your site, or c) make a plan for the structure of your site. Include in that structure pages you would eventually like to see on the site, and note which pages will be part of the navigation bar (a rule of thumb is to not have more than 6 in the bar, or it gets crowded. Think about how those main pages will link to the other pages on your site. Some people prefer to make a hierarchy chart of their pages to help them get organized.

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